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Carnival Classes & Social: May-June 2019 09 Apr 2019

Carnival Classes & Social: May-June 2019 image

Artists from all over the word converge on St Bride's Centre to share their skills in a friendly atmosphere:

Urban Remix with Lara & Andres: Capoeira dance mixes with street dance from Trinidad & Tobago

Creative Rhythms with Jose: Brazilian drums blend with Cuban and Peruvian Cajones and rattles 

Carnival Headdress Creations with Lucia: full of feathers, sequins, costumes and colour

Edinburgh Festival Carnival Social:  a great chance to get in the mood for the July Carnival

Family Funday: games from around the world,craft your  own carnival headband, play a variety of instruments and try your hand at circus activities

Capoeira Legends with Lara & Andres: Discover the stories behind Capoeira with dancers from Zambia

Djansa Rhythms: a tour of West African Percussion

Fosse Flashmob with Caroline: Learn the iconic Fosse dance technique 

Check out the full information on the Carnival Facebook pages


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