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David Bowden Spotlight 30 Sep 2019

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Master-mind behind the music of Mezcla, last week we sat down with David Bowden at our Jazz School to get an insight into the inspiration that led to this world music-jazz fusion band. Bringing together some of the most sought after musicians on the young jazz circuit, Mezcla is always a good way to get the party started. Bowden will also be performing with the Ben MacDonald quartet, which brings with it an equally high energy contemporary feel.


You’ve travelled quite extensively over the past couple of years, how would you say this has influenced your writing and performing?

Well I guess I’ve taken different influences from different places I’ve been to. I’m originally from London but I live in Scotland now. I’m definitely influenced a lot by the music made in Glasgow and around Scotland. I also went to Ghana a couple of years ago and that inspired a lot of the music in my own band.


You’re a very versatile musician, performing multiple times over the Scottish jazz weekend, could you tell us a bit about these projects? 

Mezcla came about a couple of years ago, I just wanted to start a band that would mix together all my different influences into one band really. ‘Mezcla’ means mixture and the music has got a lot of world music influence and a sort of funk and hip hop fusion and of course Jazz- it’s kind of like a big melting pot.

Mezcla is my own band where I write all the music and that features a lot my favourite players on the Glasgow scene and the influences come from all over really, world music, a bit of hip-hop and funk and even folk music.

I also play in the Ben Macdonald quartet, Macdonald actually is the guitarist in Mezcla and that’s a really great band, contemporary Jazz project- Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums line up. I also play in the Fergus McCreadie trio, which is kind of a jazz/folk ensemble. 


Can you tell us a bit about the Jazz School?

So Edinburgh Jazz school takes place on a Saturday, it’s open to everyone, just anyone who’s interested in learning more about Jazz can come down. We do lots of ensemble stuff, lots of games, try to make it fun for everyone and make sure everyone learns something as well.


Why should everyone come down to Gallus- A Scottish Jazz Weekend?

Everyone should come down to celebrate the Scottish scene really because I think it punches above it’s weight in terms of the U.K., particularly at the moment, there’s more bands coming through all the time, there’s some much music happening, so many different projects. I think this a really nice way of showcasing that.


What does the next year look like for your projects?

Early next year Mezcla will be realising their debut album, which we’ve just recorded, so we're really excited about that. We’re also going to be touring that and we’ll be doing a big Album launch concert in Glasgow and in London. We’ll also be touring all over Scotland and hopefully the UK as well.


Mezcla will be performing at the Jazz Bar on the 19th October with Rachel Lightbody, Aki Remally will be doing a DJ set after their performance- Click here for Tickets.


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