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The Blues 09 May 2017

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Our Blues programme crosses all the boundaries too: Southern blues, Delta blues, Mississippi blues, Chicago blues, electric blues, acoustic blues; the Festival hosts American stars and all the best homegrown talent.

Lisa Mills 
Hamilton Loomis 
Mr Sipp 
Brandon Santini 
Earl Thomas
John Nemeth
Grainne Duffy
Matt Schofield
Connie Lush
The Wildes

are amongst the international visitors, with the Scottish contingent including

The Jensen Interceptors
Gerry Jablonski
Dana Dixon
Charlotte Marshall
Main Street Blues
Neil Warden

We mark the end of the legendary Edinburgh Blues band Blues N Trouble with a tribute gig put together by front man Tim Elliott, and we signal Tim’s ongoing interests as he turns his attentions to a new project, saluting the sound of the great blues shouters of the 50s and 60s.

Plus three blues afternoons. Click HERE to see all the blues concerts on offer this year. 


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