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STRATA + Antoine Pierre URBEX


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STRATA + Antoine Pierre URBEX image

STRATA are one of the most exciting and innovative bands on the Scottish jazz scene, they play original music fusing jazz, rock, and classical minimalism. Pushing the boundaries of the genres, they create a new unique sound combining high-energy polyrhythms, improvisation and collective groove". Based on current form, this is set to grow exponentially”  (The Scotsman).

Antoine Pierre’s URBEX: The drummer/composer has a big ambition with his music, and he seems to always pull it off. Grand sweeping statements with long arching melodies, hypnotic grooves; expressive, captivating musicianship; all packed with energy and style. The band’s new album, "Sketches of Nowhere" is a beautiful sample of everything that is currently happening in Belgian jazz. Brought by a group of musicians who are not only among the best in the exciting new European jazz but put together the very best in each other.”(Written in Music) “Intelligent, sophisticated … something of a painter’s work, sketching out huge landscapes. Something of Claude Monet in the fluidity and delicate touch and also some Pollock in the energy, the dynamics, the splash of colours” (Le Soir).


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